Don’t Try. Do.

When I started this blog, I was so excited – filled with a whole lot of ideas on how I would proceed. Organize it by impactful quotes, write about my experiences with a crazy affair I had with a married man, talk about what it’s been like growing up and make sure it’s in chronological order… So many ideas, so many decisions to be made – it paralyzed me. Paralyzed me from taking any action.

What would people think? Is it going to make any sense – to people reading, to myself?

There is no right or wrong way. There is no permanent decision that I cannot my mind and reorganize later. This is not rocket science. This is about owning my story and putting it out there in public what I have yet to find the courage to tell other in-person.

I am on my journey… and thankfully will always will be as I learn and grow throughout my life. I want to be a student of life. So here I go… second entry, second post. Learning that to not make a decision is a decision onto itself. And I chose to make a decision, to do and not just try to do.

Outward view of myself

I am a successful single Asian woman.

I own a townhouse in one of the most expensive areas to live in.
I drive a BMW.
I had always been gainfully employed with increasing responsibilities.
I commanded good salaries.
I graduated at a well-known university with a respectable degree in Economics.
I am a diligent saver.
I max out on my 401k contributions and contribute to a IRA despite no additional tax advantages.
I had a small inner circle of close friends that I had shared experiences with for 20+ years.
I dressed fashionably well, always tending on the classic versus trendy side.

I am an orphan.
I grew up fast due to these circumstances.
I am the most responsible one of my siblings.
I am fiercely loyal and protective of those I care about.
I am educated.
I am smart.
I did not struggle financially.

I am a successful single Asian woman. Just look at all my accomplishments.
TRUTH: I never listed and seen my accomplishments in totality until this blog post.